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 Kurt Cobain Autopsy

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PostSubject: Kurt Cobain Autopsy   Sun Sep 26, 2010 6:06 pm



1.im Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Kurt Cobain were all left-handed, all died at the age of 27, and autopsies reported each having a white bic lighter in their pockets. This is why it is said that white lighters are unlucky, but always in good taste.

2.there`s no fingerprint in the shotgun that kurt "used",but why the police put "SUICIDE" instead of "MURDER"?

3.the "SUICIDE NOTE" was really about Kurt quitting the music industry..hindi nya kasi gusto ung mga nangyayaare like ung pagiging sikat nya and stuff,he just wants to take a break kasi sobrang sikat na nila talaga and kurt didn`t want that to happen.wala sa linya nya or plan nya..

4.Courtney hired "someone" to investigate Kurt,and its not Tom Grant..its another guy..ang usapan nung "guy" and ni Courtney is hahanapin lang si Kurt,but then nagka-interes is Courtney sa asawa nya,so she told the "guy" to kill him (Kurt).and that "guy" didn`t want that to do.after nung namatay si Kurt.lumutang ung "Guy" and inimbestigahan xa and ni-lie detector test pa xa so they would know if he really saying the truth..and the fact is morethan 90% of his testimonies is TRUE!!!HE TOLD SOMEONE THAT COURTNEY HIRED HIM TO KILL KURT!!and shortly after his publicity about his testimonies,he died..he was so drunk and he didnt even noticed that he was walking on railroad tracks and got hit by train.

5.Courtney told Tom Grant that she did planned to kill Kurt,but stupid Tom Grant lost the tapes..

6.merong nakita na mga papel sa bag ni Courtney..which contains letters, and looks-like Kurt`s penmanship..ibig sabihin ba nito ay ginagaya nya ang sulat ni Kurt?

7.halfway-through ng "SUICIDE LETTER" ni Kurt ay hindi galing sa kamay nya..one of the investogators who examined the letter told the public that its not Kurt`s penmanship..

8.April 5, 1994 EXACTLY namatay si Kurt,but on natagpuan xa ng April 8,1994..

9.Kurt did put A LOT of HEROINE on his body na pwdeng pwde na xang mamatay dun..THREE TIMES THE LETHAL AMOUNT HEROIN ON HIS SYSTEM!!biruin mo yun?!!

10.a few days after his death,merong nag tangka na kumuha ng pera sa credit card ni Kurt..

11.electrician Gary Smith was the one who found out Kurt`s body..What he would discover would change the history of rock forever..sa totoo lang,he was not really familiar of Kurt. after he found out the body,he quickly called his Boss and told about what he saw.at first,he asked his boss kung kaninong bahay ba ung gagawin nya ng security lightning and stuff,then his boss told him that it was Kurt Cobain`s home. then he told about what he saw.his boss told him that its impossible,then he mentioned what Kurt Cobain looks like,blind hair,skinny,wearing jeans,has beard.then the electrician said that it was him.the boss told him to quickly call the police,pero sa sbrang panic nya ay tinawagan nya ang radio station in aberdeen and told them that Kurt was dead.Gary told them that he has blood on his ears and a shotgun laying down on hos chest,pointing under his chin.as soon as the radio station received that news,the DJ quickly went out at the station,and quickly called the police if they had receive the info about Kurt`s death,and the police said no..then he decided to went at Kurt`s house and as soon as he went there,there were police and investigators..

12.pano mababaril ni Kurt ang sarili nya kng sobrang high xa sa sa HEROINE?on his autopsy,they found out that THREE TIMES LETHAL AMOUNT OF HEROINE WAS ON HIS SYSTEM,expert says that you can die in just a snap or comatose ang aabutin mo..and they said that NO ONE CAN MOVE kng ganun ang nilagay mo na katulad ni kurt na THREE TIME LETHAL AMOUT OF HEROINE.there was a level of 1.52 milliliter of Heroin per liter of blood, heroin turns to morphine once it enters the body that combined with, the valiume found in Kurt's blood level for a great pecentage of people, including addics, this would have induced a state of uncontiousness quite quickly in seconds not even minutes.

13.If Kurt had that much morphine in his system he would not have been enough time to shoot up, roll down his sleeves, button them put away all his herion paraphernalia neatly in a cigar box (that was found 3 feet to the right of him filled with syringes, burnt spoons and what look to be little pieces of black tar), pick up a 20 gauge remington rifle , put it to his head and pull the trigger.

14.3 people died/killed themseles during his memorial service,they were so attachd to Kurt`s music that they want to join Kurt going up to heaven..

15.as i said,there WERE NO FINGERPRINT ON THE SHOTGUN THAT KURT "USED"..so pano yun,pinunasan muna ni Kurt ung shotgun after he sht himself then place it on his chest to make it look like SUICIDE?

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PostSubject: Re: Kurt Cobain Autopsy   Sun Sep 26, 2010 6:09 pm

16.three weeks before Kurt died, a call to the Seattle Police was made by Courtney Love, she said her husband had locked himself in the greenhouse, had 3 guns with him and was suicidal.the police arrived at the scene where they spoke with Kurt first, who said he was not suicidal and he was "hidding from Courtney",they then talk to Courtney who agreed that Kurt was not suicidal,now on normal circumstances this would be an illeagal offense, but this is Courtney Love we're talking about here!three days before Kurt died he was riding in a cab (because all 4 of his tires on his car had been slit this was not investigated either) ,while upon his conversation with the cab driver he asked the cab driver if he had " ever been threatened" and then told him he "feared for his life".

17.there has been a trail of copycat suicides from kids all over the world.they kill themselves because thats what they think there Idol did. Two girls in France killed themselves with a shot gun the day they heard the news they left a note saying that they loved Kurt and couldnt live without him. The next was four teens in Canada they all drove to a storage locker and slowley inhaled the fumes of the car exhust, taking there last breaths they listened to the screaming lyrics of a man who once was a musical genius. Two more teens killed themselves that day by jumping off of a bridge, in there Walkmans Nirvana cassettes were found. Another boy in america took his fathers simi-automatic pistol to shcool ,stood in the doorway of his 3rd grade classroom, lifted the gun to his head and pulled the trigger. The next was a very disturbing death. A boy named Bobby Steel was left at home one weekend while his parent went to vistit his Grandmother. Bobby was hanging out with some friends that weekend. They were discussing the Suicides that had taken place recently. Bobby stood up and said " well I guess I am gonna go home now and blow my brains out", Bobby's friends thought he was kidding. Bobby went home, retreived his fathers shootgun out of the top of his closet, took a polaroid of himself turned on his favorite Nirvana song
"Endless Nameless" set up his video camera, lifted the gun up to his head and slowley, said"look at me I am deaf" pulled the trigger.another teen went home after Kurt's Vigil and shot himself in the head.

at one time,kurt was so sick and tired of evrybody taking some pictures of him,and he tried to block the cameras like one as he did here.

kurt playing on of Beatles` song..age 14-15?

somewhere on aberdeen..

at this pic,Kurt was playing with his gun and saying that he will kill himself with this gun..

courtney and their daughter,FRANCES BEAN COBAIN..

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PostSubject: Re: Kurt Cobain Autopsy   Tue Sep 28, 2010 2:08 am

idol nirvana 90's rule
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PostSubject: Re: Kurt Cobain Autopsy   

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Kurt Cobain Autopsy
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